Domain expertise

Our broad range of expertise has been gained through working with and across many organisational functions requiring a deep understanding of people, processes, technology and culture and the complex interdependencies between them. Our domain knowledge covers the following areas:

Information Technology and Telecommunications

Application Development, Application Maintenance, Mainframe, Midrange, Data Network, Voice Network, Helpdesk, Desktop, Common IT Services, SAP Hosting, Web Hosting, Data Centre, Messaging, Disaster Recovery, Business Intelligence, ITIL

Finance & Accounting

Billing, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Payroll, Reporting, Accounts Payable & Travel Expense, Cash & Banking, Electronic Scanning, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Tax, Compliance

Human Resources

Benefits Administration, Compensation, Contact Centre, Defined Benefits, Defined Contribution, Relocation, Employee Data Management, Global Mobility, HRIT, Learning and Development, Payroll Performance Management, Recruiting


R&D and Product Development, Manufacturing Process & Plant Operations, Product Lifecycle Management

Sourcing/Outsourcing processes

Strategy and Business Case, Selection/Negotiation, Implementation/T&T, Benefit realisation, Benchmarking, Governance

Supplier Delivery models

In-sourcing, Outsourcing, Multi-sourcing, Shared Services, Home-sourcing, Near-sourcing, Off-shoring, White-labelling

Contracts and Commercials

Financial Engineering/architecture, Due Diligence (operational, financial and commercial), Legal/Master Services Agreement

Deal Funding and Structuring

Deal Financing, Regulation and Compliance, Accounting and Tax considerations

Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisition Targeting, Deal Brokering, Asset Disposal support