Transition support

Managing change is a complex and multi-faceted process which requires careful planning and implementation and affects numerous business stakeholders. We support our clients to ensure that the transition of service and transformation of processes and systems to suppliers is as seamless as possible, and with minimal disruption to the core business activities.

We undertake a series of activities that supports both the pre-service transition and transformation planning, and the actual process of transition of services to the supplier through a carefully managed programme, and include:

  • Development of a transition and transformation plan
  • Definition of key milestones, measures and expected outcomes
  • Design of the transition team structure and identification of key resources and skills
  • Clear definition of roles and responsibilities between client and supplier
  • Alignment of SLA’s to new service provision requirements
  • Knowledge capture and transfer processes
  • Communications strategy and planning
  • Business continuity planning to minimise operational disruption
  • Risk and issue identification, mitigation and management
  • Programme governance design and implementation to provide multi-tier progress reporting, issue escalation and resolution and, well controlled and authorised programme changes
  • Programme management to track dependencies, manage budgets and resources, prioritise activities, manage timelines and deadlines
  • Managing the delivery and quality of services from suppliers in accordance with agreed plans and performance standards

Our practitioners have overseen and successfully delivered multiple, highly complex transition and transformation programmes, applying their intimate knowledge of the key processes and considerations that large scale change demands.