Supplier selection

We advise our clients in making the right technology, business process and partner choices. We help them to identify potential functions to be in-sourced, outsourced or off-shored and support them in finding the right suppliers to partner with according to their business drivers, service requirements and company culture. We strive to establish strong and sustainable outsourcing relationships which deliver substantial business benefits.

There are a number of ways we can support the supplier selection process, depending on the need and situation of our client.  We are extremely flexible in our approach and always aim to reduce complexity, time and costs in the process.

Rapid capabilities assessment

Our Rapid Capabilities Assessment approach involves an analysis of target suppliers in the market to assess their capabilities across for example a range of service domains or geographies.  This is often conducted as a pre-cursor activity such that the client can gain a better understanding of their opportunities and options in the market in support of developing their business case, or to identify alternative suppliers to their incumbent prior to going to market.

Our high level approach is:

  • Map the key drivers and requirements of the client
  • Develop a corresponding capabilities questionnaire and deliver it to target suppliers for response
  • Engage suppliers directly at a senior level to confirm participation and receipt of valid responses
  • Score the responses in a systematic fashion and provide a scoring matrix and supporting recommendations

The results of the assessment typically lead into a follow on selection process from the below.

Feasibility assessment

Feasibility assessment is Burnt Oak Partner’s proprietary approach designed to create a real business case for change with a very high level of confidence (>95% is usual) to assess the feasibility of change initiatives via a significantly expedited process.  The assessment can be conducted openly or covertly, and in delivering a feasibility assessment, our team interacts directly with the supplier community on behalf of our clients, where discretion is essential or disruption is ‘unacceptable’; there is an inherent danger of giving away too much data that potential suppliers might use in their favour in future negotiations; or visibility and time consumption dealing with supplier resources might affect staff and management morale.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • Our deployment limits risk of rumours and leaks
  • Our business case includes impact of avoiding capital expenditure; using cheaper finance options; true capability and maturity of supplier service towers; practitioner view on approaches
  • Pricing is current, specific and enforceable
  • The whole process is auditable and accountable
  • Multiple commercial options depending on level of secrecy and perceived independence required

Traditional selection support

Many clients prefer or may be required to adopt the more traditional competitive tendering approach.  We ensure that we match the service objectives with the markets capability to supply and the client organisation’s maturity in controlling external supply regimes. Suppliers must be selected on objective and subjective criteria to ensure a happy and successful long-term relationship.

Our approach includes the following steps:

  • Definition of key drivers, evaluation criteria and KPI’s
  • Review of Current Operating Model and design of Target Operating Model
  • Data gathering of specific service requirements and key information
  • Production of RFI/RFP documents
  • Evaluation and scoring of RFI/RFP responses
  • Development of Term Sheet and Contract Schedules
  • Development of preferred commercial model options
  • Support of BAFO process and supplier negotiations