Burnt Oak Partners offers a comprehensive range of services in preparing, structuring, implementing and executing business programmes tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We help transform business operations through making the right supplier and technology decisions, improving efficiency and effectiveness, lowering operational costs and enhancing their competitive edge.

Our activities cover the full transaction lifecycle and include:

  • Opportunity analysis and business case development
  • Price and performance benchmarking
  • Data gathering and due diligence
  • Current Operating Model review and Target Operating Model design
  • Requirements capture and data gathering
  • Internal capabilities assessment
  • Supplier qualification, sourcing, evaluation and selection
  • Contract and schedules development
  • Commercial modelling
  • Transition and transformation planning and support
  • Governance and supplier management process design
  • Benefits realisation road mapping and collection

Strategic sourcing

We assist in the development of a sourcing strategy, identifying potential cost saving opportunities, and supporting in the execution of sourcing transactions. We help define the business requirements and support the negotiations to obtain optimal commercial arrangements.

Supplier selection

Advising our clients in making the right technology, business process and partner choices through identifying functions to be in-sourced, outsourced or off-shored, finding the right suppliers, supporting the outsourcing transaction, establishing outsourcing relationships, and supporting re-negotiation or contract renewals.

Transition & transformation support

We assist our clients in the effective management and execution of sourcing transactions to ensure a seamless transition of service from client to supplier and transformation of the provision of service to provide increased efficiency and value for money.

Service integration & governance

We work with our clients to design, implement and manage the optimal governance and supplier management processes to ensure that the performance of the supplier under the contract is maximised and continually aligned to changing business requirements.

Deal assurance

We validate that the services provided under the contract are best in class provision and priced according to current market conditions. By adopting an audit type approach we help ensure that our clients are receiving value for money, and where they are not we help them reposition to get a better deal.


We provide brokerage services to our clients in specific areas such as go-to-market support and business introductions, asset purchase or disposal, deal funding and structuring, and data centre sales or capacity fulfilment.

Knowledge, education & training

We provide executive and operational level training to bolster the knowledge of our clients in designing, implementing, running and managing complex sourcing arrangements. Our training can be conducted on-site and tailored to specific requirements.