We provide brokerage services to our clients in specific areas such as go-to-market support and business introductions, asset purchase or disposal, deal structuring, data centre acquisition or sale or capacity fulfilment.

Bespoke Technology Services

Burnt Oak experts work with solution and service providers, clients and investors to provide a wide range of unique services. Current and recent engagements span from the sale of a green data centre to revolutionary IT management automation, procurement management and reporting, virtual call centre services, advanced print solutions and more.  In all cases we are “catalytic” in that we introduce proven but leading edge solutions providing stepwise change.

Deal structuring

Burnt Oak experts have considerable risk management, funding and M&A experience and, depending on the case and market conditions can contribute effectively to the success of a given strategy.  While many will claim similar skills Burnt Oak professionals have a deep level of actual, on the ground, experience spanning many years.

Asset acquisition and disposal

Our deep experience in advisory services combined with our corporate finance and M&A background allows us to provide a unique perspective to many situations in which traditional firms do not have the interest or desire to plunge. We have always seen outsourcing as a very powerful instance of M&A and can therefore add a very high level of reality and “executability” to complex situations and not just in Europe.