How can we help?

How do we identify and evaluate the right M&A and divestment opportunities?

Burnt Oak Partners and its people have a proven track record in supporting M&A transactions. Our services are designed to complement and add additional value and perspective to internal M&A teams, external legal advisors and specialist financiers throughout the lifetime of any deal.

For example, the adding of a new dimension concerning the “hidden or overlooked” value that will accrue in the consolidation of any two competitors including factors such as likely client loyalty, attrition ratios, cross-sell opportunities, IP valuation, etc… The holistic nature of our services means that we can be brought in relatively late to the deal process and still add huge value.

Pre-deal support

  • Synergy identification and evaluation
  • Business value dependencies
  • IT/IS impact analysis and countermeasures
  • Risk assessment across all fields commercial, technical, cultural
  • Transitional and / or transformational modelling and preparation
  • Business impact, scenario planning, risks and options
  • Financial re-engineering analysis
  • Due diligence actions and program

Transition support

  • Transition planning
  • Synergy definition, quantification and preparation, governance, reporting, timing, measurement and tracking approaches
  • Early savings realisation plan
  • Truing up accountability
  • Change management

Post-deal support

  • Extra synergy identification, evaluation, costing and timeframes
  • Delivering on New Business model and vision
  • Synergy tracking (ensuring key revenue and cost metrics follow the defined approach as well as new criteria impact of benefit collection)
  • Matching business demands to service and support model structures realigning where necessary. Regular review model

Disposals support

  • Evaluation of logical and physical splitting of service provision (infrastructure, licenses, people, applications, etc…)
  • Impact on costings and efficiency for remains services (sub-optimal sizing solutions and strategy)
  • Integration cost model for the new buyer(s)

Typical M&A / disposal support assignments

  • Splitting off of non-core service towers
  • Market consolidation support
  • Client integration underwriting
  • Strategy for facing-off to market makers and analysts regarding benefit collection expectations versus reality
  • Stakeholder and shareholder communications planning and delivery
  • Value for money audit and on-going measurement and reporting