How can we help?

Our services are designed to address the true needs and challenges of the outsourcing market, many of which are often not considered or remarkably often deliberately avoided altogether.

Failing to address some of these challenges will mostly result in failure to deliver the expected results from outsourcing. By tackling these issues head on and adopting a more robust M&A type approach to outsourcing transactions will smooth the pathway to success.

Test yourself on our top ten challenges below to ensure you are covering all the necessary bases, and find out how Burnt Oak Partners can help you step up to them.

How can I be sure of getting the right deal at the right price and with the right partner?
The strategy is in place and you are considering approaching the market to explore the possibility of selecting a services partner to support your business. To guide you on this journey Burnt Oak Partners has developed the definitive differentiated managed services transaction support suite of services that maximises speed and minimises risk. Find out more

How can the market be leveraged to demonstrate true case for change for any services component of my enterprise, and am I ready?
You want to get a true picture of the opportunities available to your enterprise but you have no direct access to real market data or trusted support on which to make an informed assessment? How do you know if your organisation is ready for outsourcing and what is the best approach to testing organisational readiness?Find out more

How can I demonstrate the opportunity to my Board?
You have assessed the feasibility of a particular course of action the time is right to seek the executive sponsorship that all major change initiatives require. Burnt Oak Partners assist you in driving your change initiatives by establishing in-depth and balanced business cases.Find out more

How do I ensure alignment of delivered services to current and future business requirements, to deliver significant value and sustainable results?
Your executive is satisfied that there is a verifiable case for change and as you approach a potential transaction you require comfort that the proposed services requirement, contract and pricing is in line with your organisation’s current and future requirements.Find out more

How can the transaction be structured to maximise the benefits to my enterprise?
Using a third party to fund the transition and transformation part of the deal (T&T funding) has many and varied advantages. Firstly it provides real power to the client to compare service solution with service solution rather than dealing with the distortions of a cash rich supplier selling mainly on their capital strength and ability to fund change. Secondly, the impact of new legislation around showing the effects of operational risk and showing the full liability of leasing arrangements can be neutralised through deploying a SPV model. Thirdly costs overall will be significantly lower. There may well be additional tax benefits available.Find out more

What financial options are available to my enterprise to support the transaction?
Typical outsourcing transactions involve a degree of asset transfer and/or transformation and result in a situation whereby earlier months’ cash-flows are negative because most outsourcing clients want to minimise the financial and accounting impact of the transaction.Find out more

How will future regulations impact the operational risk on my balance sheet and in my contracts?
Increasingly, regulators are focusing not just on the directly regulated entity but moving to the regulation of the value chain: looking through the regulated entity to the suppliers.Find out more

How does outsourcing impact my VAT, tax, accounting and regulatory liabilities?
It is the opinion of Burnt Oak Partners that services in general and outsourcing in particular are not well understood and treated for VAT, tax, accounting and regulatory liabilities in all G20 countries.Find out more

How do we identify and evaluate the right M&A and divestment opportunities?
Burnt Oak Partners and its people have a proven track record in supporting M&A transactions. Our services are designed to complement and add additional value and perspective to internal M&A teams, external legal advisors and specialist financiers throughout the lifetime of any deal. Find out more

How can I guarantee my outsourcing contract delivers on the results it promised?
Experience shows us that 30% of outsourcing deals today end in failure, and that 50% of outsourcing deals do not realise the expected benefits the transaction set out to achieve.Find out more