Burnt Oak Partners Nordics

Burnt Oak Partners Nordics

News Flash – 5th September 2014

Anders Svensson lays it out in an interview in the on-line Swedish publication IT24. Please follow the link to find out more:


Burnt Oak Partners Nordics

Robert Morgan is proud to announce that three Senior Partners will join our Nordic regional office. The three Partners joining are Anders Svensson, Billy Carlzon and Johan Askervi they will be operating from the Nordic head office at Strandvägen 7A which has been a excellent venue for the last five or six years.

Anders commented on the local market by saying, “the Nordics is a mature outsourcing market, most private organisations have outsourced and many of those contracts are beginning to come up for renewal – we hope to add value to these transactions”. Following on Johan stated that “clients of outsourcing services have matured their thinking and refined their needs whereas the traditional advisory service offerings have stagnated – we at Burnt Oak are never short promoting new ideas for the best and most sustainable outcomes”. Billy underlined these comments by saying that “in the market there is an absolute need for ‘value contributing advisors’ to meet these changing business demands and our Nordic expansion is to deliver on these demands”.

It will be an exciting challenge but that with the right mix of attitude, people and the experience already within Burnt Oak we believe we can be that “value contributing advisor” in the market.

Anders joins from many years of WM-data, Logica and most recently the CGI incarnation, mainly in IT outsourcing but also M&A and Joint Ventures.  Billy joins from IBM and other priors such as EDS and Accenture and Johan’s experience has been built up foremostly from the advisor community and has in the past represented both EquaTerra and Burnt Oak Partners.

The Nordics continues to defy the residual effect on the 2008 monetary crash and has “pioneering clients who are always willing to try innovative and new approaches, which is why I believe that Burnt Oak always does so well here. New forms of business measurement, commitments to benefit collection, simple business output indicators almost always exclusive grow from and tested in the Nordic region. They are then rolled out in the UK or The Netherlands” Morgan said. “Service providers are much more creative and will to accept more calculated risk in Scandinavia – long may it continue”.


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