Who we are

How we work

For all our engagements we focus on providing the right level of support where our clients want to leverage years of experience and deals done, specialist skills and capabilities that they are unlikely to have in-house, and proven methodologies, techniques and tools.

We can provide IP and template standards to expedite the process, apply intimate knowledge of outsourcing processes, service providers capabilities/culture/solutions, and industry specific knowledge in relevant IT systems, networks and business processes.

Engaging with us to support your business improvement, change or outsourcing initiatives can bring added benefits:

  • Low Cost: Due to efficient processes, low cost of transaction and minimum effort required of key staff.
  • Low Risk: Proven process, disciplined execution and experienced staff with hands on mentality, mitigating risks.
  • Partnership: Accountable for the results and prepared to be rewarded based on achieving objectives (Quantitative & Qualitative).
  • Fast results: Based on due diligence exercises, supporting a structured sourcing to allow fast & fact based decision making.
  • Measurable: Continuous monitoring & reporting during the contract lifecycle, facilitating key meetings to track and drive benefits.
  • Independent: Privately owned, no vendor lock in, reputation of independence & integrity.