Who we are

About the founder

Robert Morgan


Extensive experience gained in the City of London during the privatisation and deregulation in the late eighties and early nineties working with The London Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Grenfell and others. Outsourcing was in its infancy but Robert was one of the first to recognise its transformational potential for businesses and government. He worked on the UK’s then largest deal with the DHSS followed by BP globally.

He established Europe’s premier outsourcing advisory Morgan Chambers plc in 1994 and went on to grow its influence into a truly global sourcing brand. Co-founder of Burnt Oak Partners in 2009 the company deploys unique approaches to halve the time for building businesses cases, speeds formal processes and decision making without any extra risk. Robert was responsible for marketing and business generation.

Contribution from the Morgan family

Following the very tragic and sudden loss of Robert, we are picking up the threads and have begun to explore the restructuring of the London office of Burnt Oak Partners. It is essential that this office continues to build on all the groundwork that Robert put in place and to this end new partners have been identified and appointments offered.

Robert has been described as a Captain of Industry, he will be very much missed not only by his family but the Industry of which he was such a driving force, passionate and innovative in everything he achieved.