Outsourcing War – CSC in the frame for Rendition

Outsourcing War – CSC in the frame for Rendition

Computer Weekly is reporting that Human Rights charity, Reprieve, has gathered documents that it says demonstrate CSC had been contracted to carry out multiple illegal CIA renditions.

CSC has been linked in court documents to the rendition of the German citizen Khaled El-Masri, whose case against CIA collaborators in the Macedonian intelligence services is pending at the European Court of Human Rights. Computer Weekly states that El-Masri was “was blindfolded, beaten, imprisoned incommunicado for 23 days, stripped, severely beaten, sodomised, chained, hooded, drugged, flown to Afghanistan, beaten, imprisoned for four months, interrogated by men in ski masks, threatened, denied legal representation, force fed, and flown to Albania on a plane allegedly chartered by CSC, where he was left on a remote road in the middle of the night approximately 1,500km from his home”.

“We think CSC was at the top of the contracting tree for this,” said Dr Crofton Black, a researcher at Reprieve. “It’s becoming increasingly clear that CSC was the prime contractor between the government and the companies that run the flight operations.”
This brings into sharp focus the mostly unpublicised activities of tens of outsourcing providers who today are contracted by the MoD, GCHQ, Homeland Security, the US Navy and other official “fronts” that outsource “other services” for and on behalf of CIA, MI6, and other shadowy organisations.

It is freely acknowledged that the invasion of Iraq was hugely dependant on the success and logistical genius of EDS systems (now HP). This is not a Dog of War story but a carefully controlled and contained end to end logistics and supply success story – irrespective of your politics. It was widely known in the outsourcing world that the invasion planning had begun and was unstoppable even before Congress and the UN officially sanctioned it.

So why should we be surprised that CSC, in its contracted flight scheduling duties, is allegedly at the heart of the shameful rendition saga. To CSC this is just part of the contract, how were they to determine the validity of individual flights and supporting logistics? Contractually CSC cannot be accountable.

And morally? Well, if you tender for and win the coordination of military traffic and applications you by definition need to expect a good percentage will be “dark ops” related. The lure of huge long-term stable contracts is all powerful and demanding. CSC has no case to answer for effective running of services where the contractor has no knowledge of the client’s objectives and needs to accept its client is legally entitled to and equally accountable to a higher authority.

Now that’s where the real dilemma lies.

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  1. john Stanley says:

    However irksome CSC cannot (as you say) be held accountable. This would be like the Underground being responsible for transporting a terrorist to the scene of an atrocity

    CSC have no insight into the purpose of the flights

    EDS however knew exactly what they were preparing for and the consequent loss of lives on both sides

  2. 2S7SfQ says:

    To know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding.

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