Outsourcing CEO gets 17 years gaol

Outsourcing CEO gets 17 years gaol

It is not often that you get an exclusive story and that in addition has all the elements of a melodrama – sustained and significant fraud, greed and envy, betrayal, menace, multiple fast cars, hired muscle, and … you guessed it – Outsourcing!

What I hear you cry! – an outsourcer has been jailed for fraud! YES but whilst that is true, it is not your tier one players like IBM or HP, it’s more like your tier four player at the rats and mice end of the market. But an outsourcer nonetheless! Best of all, and you really really could not make this up – the villain’s name is … Thomas Scragg!

Picture this, a Wolverhampton payroll outsourcing company specialising in handling the wages of many local construction companies, called Mona Payroll was in fact a conduit for siphoning employee PAYE contributions into the back pocket of the CEO, one Thomas Scragg.

It is estimated that he stole £34m of contributions, aided by co-conspirators including accountants and auditors, over a six year period. Scragg was sentenced to 17 years, which we are given to understand is one of the longest sentences in British criminal history.

So was this the result of some bright young thing in HM Revenue and Customs long standing investigative division, or hard dedicated work by a specialist fraud unit of the Midland Police or as a result of a lodged complaint form a disgruntled previous employee? Actually, none of the above.

It was the reported concerns of neighbours who lived next door to Scragg’s hired muscle, bodyguard brothers Carl and Anthony Johnson who started driving around Wolverhampton in cars like a Porsche Cayenne, Ferrari Spider and a Lamborghini Murcielago. Scragg and the Johnson brothers also installed bullet proof glass in their homes. The brothers were found guilty of money laundering in Birmingham crown court and will be sentenced at a later date.

Please, you do need common sense to prevail when signing outsourcing deals, but remember what your Mum always told you, “Scragg by name Scragg by nature”.

Lest we do the man an injustice the dictionary offers this explanation: Scrag is 1. A bony or scrawny person or animal. 2. A piece of lean or bony meat, especially a neck of mutton. 3. Slang The human neck. tr.v. scragged, scrag•ging, scrags Slang To wring the neck of; strangle. There are many builders in Wolverhampton today, all of whom are lining up to “scrag” Thomas’ little scrawny neck given half a chance!!

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